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New York, NYGood Morning America

On Monday November 26th Program Director Corey Cook was featured on Good Morning America talking about a partnership with Lifethrumusic, The YMCA, Erie Philharmonic, and the Northwest PA Film Society! Check out the video! 

The Mission StatementTo Mentor & Inspire youth for today’s always changing art and tech industries.

LIFE’s flagship programs LifeThruMusic (LTM) and LifeThruTech (LTT) are cutting edge mentoring programs that beyond music and technology instruction promote self-sufficiency, personal empowerment, and positive community engagement. LTM & LTT use STEAM programming to bridge STEM related disciplines and the arts because exceptional thinkers in STEM fields are often highly creative individuals deeply influenced by an interest in, and knowledge of music, the arts and similar areas. Specific project activities will include career exploration, mentoring, coding, and STEAM activities/experiments that engage students through facilitated small group learning experiences (team based learning/project-based learning), and supplemental activities (presentations, competitions etc.). The primary goal is to increase student confidence and interest in STEAM related activities/occupations.


Our ApproachHow we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1: Building Relationships

    We believe it is extremely vital to build relationships with the youth and families we serve. We also believe building relationships with community leaders and politicians in Pennsylvania & New Jersey, are equally as important in furthering our mission.

  • Step 2: Providing Quality Programs

    We believe it is essential to provide the highest quality programs from highly trained, qualified and passionate mentors. Our staff has decades of experience working in their respective fields, along with years of experience teaching groups from young kids to adults.

  • Step 3: Exposure to Opportunity

    We believe providing a platform is key to building skills and confidence within the people we serve. Our goal is to foster a network of support from families, friends and communities both near and far.

Our Team & Programs



Is a innovative music mentoring program designed to mentor & inspire youth for today’s always changing music industry.


is a tech program committed to building digital literacy and digital citizenship within communities of disadvantaged youth and young adults, that statistically lack opportunities. LifeThruTech will empower the next generation of individuals, who create, rather than consume technology.


is a dance program that teaches the fundamentals of dance. On top of dance instruction students are encouraged to create and improvise in order to choreograph their own pieces.

“I feel this program has the potential to reach youth in a positive and meaningful way. With our culture’s current interest in performance and music, reaching young people in this way can be very effective, adding tremendously to their discipline, confidence, and self-esteem. This type of education has the potential to impact participants in very positive ways, often when traditional classroom endeavors have not.”

PA State Rep Pat Harkins

"LifeThruMusic offers students the opportunity to excel beyond the classroom utilizing the vehicle of music to teach life and business skills that will serve them well beyond their academic studies. Students that are at risk, disadvantaged or struggling are afforded an occasion to thrive and enhance cultural and artistic capabilities as well as augment their academic achievements. LifeThrMusic allows students a chance to break through the barriers of poverty, violence and despair. Impacting the classroom accomplishments of students through the empowerment of success will transition into the larger successes in the greater community over time. I wholeheartedly feel that the way out of poverty is through education. Coupling quality academic instruction with artistic expression is a recipe for true systemic change."

PA Senator Sean Wiley

Asbury Park,NJ#SummerFullofLIFE

#SummerfullofLIFE is a tag we have been using for the past three summers with successful camps in both Harrisburg, PA & Asbury Park, NJ. We are spreading the mission of LIFE across the Tri-state area! Check out this video from our camp in Asbury Park!

Harrisburg, PA#FullSTEAMAhead

#FullSTEAMahead is a collaboration between JumpStreet, the Harrisburg School District, LIFE and other community partners. Rostered teaching artist and school teachers work together to provide a unique classroom experience that involves STEM at the core with a heavy emphasis incorporating Art.  Check out this video from our Harrisburg Camp!

Our Impact stretches fromErie, PA Harrisburg, PA to Asbury Park, NJ

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